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Featuring the controversial KV 55 mummy. Now with a revised reconstruction of ancient events in this perplexing tomb.

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Featuring the mummies of Tutankhamen and his children. Still in preparation.


Gallery I 
Now including the
mummy identified as
Ramesses I


Gallery I


Gallery I

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  Unidentified  Mummies

Gallery I
Including the mummy which some experts believe may be that of Nefertiti.

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Including the KV 60 mummy found by Donald P. Ryan

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Special Exhibits

The Treasures of Yuya and Tuyu

  View the funerary equipment of Queen Tiye's parents!

 Tomb Raiders of KV 46!
How thorough were the robbers who plundered the tomb of Yuya and Tuyu? How many times was the tomb robbed, and what were the thieves after? This study of post interment activity in KV 46 provides some answers.

Special KV 55 Section!

Follow the trail of the missing treasures from mysterious KV 55.

KV 55's Lost Objects: Where Are They Today?

The KV 55 Coffin Basin and Gold Foil Sheets

KV 55 Gold Foil at the Metropolitan

Mystery of the Missing Mummy Bands

KV 35 Revisited
See rare photographic plates of a great discovery from Daressy's Fouilles de la Vallee des Rois.

Unknown Man E  
Was he really
buried alive?

The Tomb of Maihirpre
Learn about Victor Loret's important discovery of this nearly intact tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Special Section!
Tomb Robbers!
Who were the real tomb raiders? What beliefs motivated their actions? A new perspective on the ancient practice of tomb robbing!

Special Section!
Spend a Night
with the Royal Mummies

Read Pierre Loti's eerie account of his nocturnal visit to the Egyptian Museum's Hall of Mummies.

Special Section!
An Audience With Amenophis II
Journey once more with Pierre Loti as he explores the shadowy  chambers of KV 35 in the early 1900's.

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Most of the images on this website have been scanned from books, all of which are given explicit credit and, wherever possible, a link to a dealer where they may be purchased. Some images derive from other websites. These websites are also acknowledged in writing and by being given a link, either to the page or file where the images appear, or to the main page of the source website. Images forwarded to me by individuals who do not supply the original image source are credited to the sender. All written material deriving from other sources is explicitly credited to its author. 
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Background Image:  Wall scene from the tomb of Ramesses II (KV 7.) From Karl Richard Lepsius, Denkmäler (Berlin: 1849-1859.)



The Theban Royal Mummy Project
by William Max Miller, M.A.

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   New Special Features Added:
The Coffins of DB 320

    Links to new images of mummies and burial equipment, gathered from various sources online, are being added, where appropriate, to various entries throughout our galleries. One major source for these new images is provided by the Center for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CESRAS) which maintains an extensive online photo gallery of objects discovered in DB 320. CESRAS has also posted some large photographic plates from Georges Daressy's classic work, Cercueils des cachettes royales (Cairo, 1909) which I now provide in order to enable researchers to get good, clear images of some of the coffins found in DB 320. Links to pages incorporating this new material may be found with the other basic data about the particular mummy in the heading of its entry. For convenience, you may also use the links below to see the new coffin pages that have been completed so far:

Coffins of Nodjmet

Coffins of Maatkare-Mutemhet

Coffins of Masaharta

Coffins of Pinudjem II

Coffins of Neskhons

Coffins of Isiemkheb-D

Coffins & Canopics of Nestanebtishru

Coffins of Djedptahiufankh

     Pages devoted to other coffins will be added over time.
    Links are also provided in many of the entries to the excellent mummy image collection at the Eternal Egypt website,  which employs a special zoom feature that allows close up examinations of the images. And there are also some other high quality images of certain mummies taken by various photographers and posted on Flickr to which I now provide links, providing that the mummies shown are identifiable. Included among this Flickr material is the short video clip (shown below) taken in the Royal Mummy Room  at the Egyptian Museum. As always, explicit credit is given for the sources of this new photographic material.
      I am also in the process of checking for broken links and repairing these whenever discovered. If you find any broken links, write to me at And I am slowly moving the Special Exhibits devoted to Unknown Man E, KV 35, and Maihirpre's tomb from Yahoo (with its irritating side-panel pop-up) to my ad-free Tripod server.
    In recent years, announcements on the part of the Supreme Council of Antiquities concerning the identification of the Niagara Falls mummy as Ramesses I and the KV 60 mummy as Hatshepsut have caused a lot of interest in these (and all other) Egyptian mummies. Online searches for these two mummies in particular have skyrocketed and, in order to facilitate such online research, I have employed the official identifications of these mummies, as they are currently being reported by the SCA, throughout this website. You will now find the KV 60 mummy moved into the 18'th Dynasty Galleries, and the Niagara Falls mummy remains in the 19'th Dynasty Gallery. This does not, however, imply that I unreservedly accept the current identifications as accurate, and I note in the relevant entries that not every expert concurs with them.---W. M. M. 2/23/09

A glimpse inside the Royal Mummy Room at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, captured by Flickr member blizzardzz and uploaded May 14, 2008.

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The Treasures of Yuya and Tuyu

Photo composite of the Yuya & Tuyu exhibit at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities by Flickr member  yacielcruz.

New KV46 Images Added--I'd also like to hear web viewer's comments about the rest of the Yuya/Tuyu pages on this website. A lot of work has gone into "The Treasures of Yuya and Tuyu." I've even added some of my  own artwork--my computer generated "paintings" of the coffins of Yuya and Tuyu now accompany the photographs of these objects. I've attempted to present photos and text in an aesthetically pleasing way, and have tried to provide more information and images about KV 46 than any other site currently online (with the exception, perhaps, of The Theban Mapping Project.) So be sure to visit the Yuya and Tuyu exhibit and let me know what you think

Face of Tuyu's innermost coffin.
Photo credit:
Flickr member  Hans Ollermann.

Tomb Raiders of KV 46!

Learn About Tomb Robbers--The detailed analysis of the robberies and restoration work done in the tomb of Yuya and Tuyu is now complete. All the published accounts concerning KV 46 as it was discovered are examined, and the reconstructions of events in the tomb that were formulated by the excavators, as well as the one provided by C. N. Reeves, are evaluated. A whole new reconstruction of events in KV 46 is then presented which is based on a close study of Joseph Lindon Smith's diagram of the burial chamber. Through examining the diagram, certain facts emerge which seem to have been overlooked concerning the disposition of the objects in the burial chamber which supply important information regarding the number of robberies that actually occurred in the tomb.
    I originally entitled the study "Post Interment Activity in KV 46," but my son, Max, argued that this sounded too dry and technical! In order to attract more "hits" from net surfers, he suggested that I call it the more appealing "Tomb Raiders of KV 46." I've followed his advice and the paper now appears bearing the more dramatic title.
    I would appreciate feedback about this study. It represents the result of a lot of research and detective work.  So let me know what you think about this reconstruction by writing to me at

KV 55 Update!

The KV55 coffin lid at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.
Photo credit: Mohamed Megahed

KV 55 Data Revised--The section on the KV 55 mummy in 18'th Dynasty Gallery IV has been updated with the addition of a revised reconstruction of ancient events in KV 55. When I reread my original version, first published about two years ago, I realized that the arguments I presented for redating the KV 55 deposit to the reign of Ay were vague, hard to follow, and not entirely convincing. The whole section has now been rewritten in an easier-to-follow fashion, and a slightly different argument is employed to explain my dating of identical seal impressions found in KV 55 and near-by KV 62. This argument now cites sufficient evidence in its favor to be effectively persuasive. Previous reconstructions have been overly complicated by several assumptions, the main one being that KV 55 had been established as a cache by Tutankhamen for the official reburial of Smenkhkare/Akhenaten and Tiye. I formulate a slightly different interpretation which manages to avoid the complications entailed by this assumption.

Recent News From Egypt

KV20 Mummy Now Claimed To Be Hatshepsut
Zahi Hawass announces that the KV20 mummy rediscovered
by Donald Ryan in KV20 has been identified as that of the
famous 18'th Dynasty female Pharaoh.

Nicholas Reeves Continues to Pursue Possible
New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings

Reeves announces that radar reveals the presence of what might be
another undiscovered tomb near KV62! Click the above link to go directly
to the website of Nicholas Reeves where you will find a page of links
to articles about the radar anomaly near Tutankhamen's tomb.

New Cache Discovered in The Valley of the Kings
Read the latest data about the amazing discovery of KV63!


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